Teddy Bear Printing Art Activity

I was so inspired when I saw this photo.

I had to try it with the kids! We had plenty of small teddies and lots of washable paint. So we dived straight in! Some of the bears needed a little stuffing removed from their noses to make good prints. We made ink pads from takeaway containers and sponges. Which is a great idea because you can just pop the lid on until next time!



We liked it so much, we took it a long to our workshops!





Creative messy play toddler classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Cheltenham.


4 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Printing Art Activity

      • Ha ha,that’s good to hear. I must get some crayola washable paint. We have some so called washable paint but I find it never comes off even with pre spray which makes painting rather worrying sometimes as I can’t keep replacing all the kids clothes everytime. We love painting in this house so I will defo look for the crayola ones, thanks for the tip 🙂

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