Tiny Adventure Parties

Tiny Adventure Parties for as Young as One Year!

We offer party entertainment for one year olds and up. Parties include six fascinating and fun activities selected from our huge range that covers messy sensory play, creative painting, themed dough play, super science activities and fiddly fine motor skills. We also include group activities such as parachute play, percussion, and ribbon dancing .

Music and Dance Parties

For as young a one years and is still a big hit with preschoolers. We offer 40 fun filled minutes of music, dance and parachute play!

Themed Parties

We are happy to work with you to tailor the activities to suit your child.

Science Parties

For as young a two years. This includes a selection of fascinating science activities. What is it like to stand in a Giant Bubble? Play with fun fizzy experiments, slime, colour change experiments. Launch a hot air balloon or hot air mini rocket. Parties are led by an experienced science teacher.

Arty Parties

For as young as two years. Creative fun and expressive. Process Art activities for levels of development. Printing and painting with the most unlikely of things! Print, drizzle and stick and scribble.

Robot and Electronics Parties

Build a cat sized Trash bot (two years and up).
Build buzzy toothbrush bug bots with flashy LED eyes (four years and up).
Build a cute motion sensitive blinking bot with flashing LED eyes! (Six years and up).
Build and create simple light up greetings cards and badges. (Six years and up)

Set up and clean up times are roughly 20-30 mins. Cost varies per child depending on the activities and duration. Contact us for further details.




Minimum of 10 children for a minimum of 1.5 hours. Extra may be charged for travel.


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