Home Made Gak Play Slime

This week Tiny Adventurers enjoyed playing with Gak play slime. This is a home made slime that keeps because it is a polymer, and is great fun because it behaves is very interesting ways!

This slime can be cut, stretched and takes the shape of moulds. It doesn’t hold it’s shape and slowly oozes. It is a plastic, is not edible and it is dry to touch!



The ingredients for Gak are PVA Glue and Borax powder. There are plenty or instructions for making Gak to be found on the web, here is a good set for GAK in five minutes! Borax is hard to get hold if in the UK and needs to be handled with care. I purchased mine on line. Have fun!


Creative messy play toddler classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Cheltenham.

Magnet Play Toddler STEM Activity

Experiencing magnetic attraction! I took along our magnet board and a box of magnetic house hold objects to this week’s workshops. We used small strong magnets (knotted in baby socks to reduce risk of chocking), magnetic fishing rods and our giant magnets too.

I used self adhesive magnetic strips and stuck on other magnets using a super glue to make a magnet wall. Our every day objects included spoons, jam jar lids, slinky springs (stick them in a stocking and knot the end if you think they’ll get then tangled), cookie cutters etc. They can then set about sticking the objects to the magnets directly or on the back where they can’t see the magnets.

For small magnetic items that could cause a choking hazard e.g. bottle tops, pipe cleaners, pennies and paper clips, I placed them in sealed containers. Some in water and glitter, some in baby oil and some just in air. Happily they set about using the ‘magnetic socks’ to drag the items around in the container.


Experiencing repulsion! I also took the time to make some repulsion cars. Magnets with same poles facing outward, glued on to the front of two cars. This is perfect for experiencing repulsion! Here is a video of them.

Happy experimenting everyone! Please share your experiments too!

Creative messy play toddler classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Cheltenham.

Tip tap Water Wall

There are lots of Water Wall ideas to be found knocking about on the web, and this is my unique version. Inspired by African Tip Taps! It has pipes but it is different because my items are hanging from bars (yet another use for my towel rail) rather than attached to a wall. This means items can be filled and then tipped!


I’ve added a plastic pint glass and a bucket with pull strings. Also rather than open ended pipes I’ve put in U-bend pipes and closed bottom containers with a few holes in to allow the water to empty in slow little fountains.

The Tip Tap is the milk container. It has a large hole in the back for filling, a pierced lid and a cord, so when pulled it empties as a little shower.

Please let us know about your ideas!




Creative messy play toddler classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Cheltenham.