Fused Plastic Bag Collage Toddler Activity

Fused Plastic Bag Collage Toddler Activity

I found inspiration from this picture and decided to have a go at Fused Plastic Bag Art!

Found at this link:
This is brill and gives loads of info on what you can make from fused plastic bags but we’ve kept it as a nice and simple art activity for the toddlers to enjoy.
Cutting plastic with toddler scissors is hard so they needed help with this, but they are great with a glue stick and these are their creations (after I ironed them on a low heat between two pieces of grease proof paper).



Not bad for two, four and five year olds. You can probably guess who’s is who’s!
I love the randomness of toddler art, they ignore all conventions and clich├ęs. Truly Art for Art’s sake!



Frozen Play Box and Hammer

Freeze almost anything in ice and give a toddler a play hammer. Instant problem to solve! The frozen water balloons where also a great sensory addition. Keep the balloon on and they go squashy as they melt or remove the rubber to reveal a frozen ball. Younger babies love the feel of the objects in the ice.



I think I will try fruit next time.

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