Spooky Slime Wall Toddler Activity Box

Cheap and Easy Slime activity wall and box! Perfect for Halloween! We converted the lid of one of our plastic storage boxes in to a slime wall! We drilled holes and cable tied funnels, sieves and tubes to pour our slime in to. We stabilised our lid to the box by using some toy nuts and bolts, so each time we are done we undo the bolts and just put the lid on. Easy!


What is the slime? The supermarket own brand shampoo or conditioner with some food colouring. This is about 40p an litre! Perfect! Add in some spooky spiders and skulls for a Halloween feel and you are away!


The top half of a milk carton makes a great scoop! This was dead popular. So far we’ve rolled it out for three workshops and my 2yr old’s birthday party. Totally worth the effort!


Creative messy play toddler classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Cheltenham.


2 thoughts on “Spooky Slime Wall Toddler Activity Box

  1. My daughter would absolutely love this. She is a huge fan of messy play. Her newest thing is pouring her sippy cups into anything that she thinks will hold her milk, juice, etc.

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