The one rule in Jack Andraka’s basement laboratory—don’t burn the house down

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A stark contrast on last night’s episode of 60 Minutes: veteran journalist Morley Safer, age 81, interviewing Jack Andraka, age 16, who has developed a promising new test for pancreatic cancer. [ted_talkteaser id=1787] In the segment, Andraka tells the story he told on the TED2013 stage, of how a family friend succumbing to this deadly disease triggered his curiosity in creating a test that would be cheap, non-invasive and an option for early detection. But the segment also gives us outsider’s perspective of Andraka, his family and his big idea to create this test that, if it makes it through clinical trials, could cost just pennies.

Anyone who saw Andraka’s talk will be fascinated to see this teenager’s lab, which is in the basement of his suburban Maryland home. The lab is, to put it kindly, a pigsty — and yet in it, Andraka and his brother, Luke…

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